About Us

Neerukku Nandri

Neerukku Nandri is a Movement initiated and Organised by Dakshina Foundation.
Dakshina Foundation (registered trust), a non profit, Hindu-Religious and a voluntary organization offering the society a Simple, dynamic life changing experiential program called "ULCHEMY" conducted by Guruji Mithreshiva, founder, Dakshina foundation.

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Guruji Mithreshiva

Guruji Mithreshiva is a lauded spiritual guru and an expert practitioner of Yoga for the past 25 years. He is the Founder of Dakshina Foundation and his vision was to spread these valuable truths that he learnt, to people across the world. This led to the inception of ‘Ulchemy’ - the most simplistic and elegant program that transforms people’s lives for the better and makes an ordinary person, extraordinary! Currently, Guruji Mithreshiva travels to various continents and enlightens a multitude of people to achieve their highest potential. He has transformed the lives of millions and hopes to take this knowledge to crores of people, with the sole vision of transforming the world into a harmonious and peaceful ecosystem.


Dakshina foundation

Dakshina Foundation, a non profit, Hindu-Religious and a voluntary organization that is established to devote Guruji Mithreshiva’s enlightenment and ability in empowering individuals across the world through various hierarchical programs such as Ulchemy, Ulchemy Plus, Advanced Ulchemy, Vision Ulchemy and Kaivalya. Dakshina foundation is also the organizers of the Neerukku Nandri revolution and has created a written legacy with regards to spreading awareness on the life force that Water holds.