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Bhavani, Erode District.

Jan 6, 2019, Sunday @ 4:00pm

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Why Neerukku Nandri?

Water is a living being which holds the secrets of the universe. When Guruji Mithreshiva realized the truths about water, he felt the need of the hour was to create the emotional connect between humans and the supreme living being "Water". We aim to turn this vision into reality by making the world understand the connectivity we have with water, thereby connecting people and nature through the Neerukku Nandri revolution.

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I do solemnly promise that I will show my humble gratitude to Water, that which plays a major role in my body, that which quenches my thirst and enriches my life.

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Signature Campaign

"When a man takes an oath..he's holding his own self in his own hands. Like water.”
A simple gesture of signing an oath as part of the signature campaign transforms you to uphold the task and respect the living being-Water Read More.

How Can I Contribute?

Everything in this world exists because of water. Water is the sole entity who provides all the 16 aspects of wealth to you. It is true that you can earn more than what you’re earning right now. We’re willing to give that secret away!

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