Why Neerukku Nandri

Right from the day we’re born until our last breath, water is our constant companion. Anything that paves way for a harmonious world holds highest importance in the world and needs to be educated to every human being so that it can be followed with discipline. When Guruji Mithreshiva realized the truth about water, he felt the need of the hour was to create the emotional connect between humans and the supreme living being "Water". We aim to turn this vision into reality by making the world understand the connectivity we have with water, thereby connecting people and nature through the Neerukku Nandri revolution. It’s high time that we re-establish our emotional bond with our beloved friend and the only way to reconnect is to be thankful to her for all that she has done in our life.

The art of Gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. Gratitude is not the same as feeling indebted to someone but, rather, feeling grateful is making a conscious choice to look for and acknowledge the good in any situation. In simple words, it is an art of celebrating and feeling content with everything we’ve received so far. From your body that has been supporting you all through your life to the smallest insect that nurtures the soil, it not only reminds you of all the things one should be grateful for in life but gives you back in folds of infinity. In ancient times, Rishis carried water (in a spouted pot called Kamandalam) as a medium to Bless or curse someone by giving instructions to her and sprinkling her on the person. Religiously, Christians used it as holy water in baptism processes, Hindus in the form of theertha, Muslims to cleanse themselves before every prayer session and so on. Our ancestors treated water with immense respect and were to a great extent, emotionally connected to her.

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What does Modern Science say about Water?

Every living being is made up of 70% of water, from head to toe. Every internal organ to the most minute cell functions because of water. Similar to how plants have life and feelings, it was proven that water is a living being that also has emotions. Water’s molecular structure is based on how it is being treated emotionally or how the surrounding is. These impressions are made visible on a microscopic level by swiftly freezing it. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist has devoted 40 years of his life in this fascinating pursuit. His extensive research findings have been compiled into his book which is a New York Best seller 'The Hidden Messages in Water'. The results of the experiments lead to shocking revelations to the world. When you expressed emotions of love and gratitude, the water crystal shined “Bright like a diamond”. When you expressed hatred and sadness the water crystal disinter-grated. That is what emotion and feeling can do to a living being. That is what emotions can do to Water.

why to thank water?

Water is the source of all creations, there are endless reasons why we should show our gratitude towards water. We, living beings, have a stronger connection with water than we realize. Even before our birth, water carries us in our Mother’s Womb. From our birth to helping us sustain life, to our final ashes. Water supports, protects and carry us through the Journey of life. She is the creator of all beings, and the least we can do is show our heartfelt gratitude. Water listens to us just like we do. It sounds unbelievable, that’s why we’ve also taken the liberty of experimenting with the so-called life form.

We set up 3 jars with water and a handful of Rice.
Jar 1 - ‘Love’ jar where volunteers would talk to her in a loving and thankful manner.
Jar 2 - ‘Hate’ jar is where volunteers would use hurtful words to communicate with her.
Jar 3- ‘Ignore’ jar is a jar that no volunteer would bother to interact with.

Our results after 14 days showed the following results:
Jar 1 - The water is clean with a pleasant fragrance emitting out of the jar. The rice displayed a pure white color.
Jar 2 - The water produces an extremely unpleasant odour. The rice pellets formed black spots with mold formation.
Jar 3 - The water produced an aggravated formation of mold floating on water. The rice pellets turned extremely black.
The rice dissolved to form a colloidal solution.

From the above experiment, we can see that water responds to the way we communicate with her. She responds kindly when we speak to her in a sweet manner. She is disheartened when someone says harsh things against her. She is completely in a state of heartbreak and extreme disconnection with you when you ignore her. We are currently in ‘Jar-3’ condition. It’s time we establish contact and move towards ‘Jar-1’as soon as we can.

How to show gratitude towards Water?

The simplest and effective way to thank water is to visualize everything that she has done for you since your birth. Simply saying thanks to water would not establish the sacred bond as compared to expressing your feelings from your heart. Feel the sense of gratitude in every moment during various actions- Drinking, Bathing, Washing, etc.
True gratitude is created only when one realizes the wonderful things water has done for us. One can show gratitude by being grateful for the 4 important aspects in life.
Firstly, show gratitude for every part of your body from every strand of hair, your heart, lungs, intestines all the way to your toes. Express your gratefulness in the form of love, the love similar to that of your mother’s love.
Secondly thank water for providing you with all forms of wealth, from the money you earn, the company you own to every object that you use.
Next, thank water for giving a great health to every member of your family and every individual who you have come across in each phase of your life. Next Finally thank all life forms every animal and every insect. Every resource from the sun to the moon, without which life on earth is impossible. The above things in our life are all a matter of water, being grateful to the above is like giving utmost respect to Water. So let’s show our gratitude for this wonderful and selfless being.

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Effect of Gratitude

Kallanai, Trichy was a drought-ridden location with patches of water scattered all over the place. River bed at the bottom was clearly visible to those who visited Kallanai. The native people lost hope that the place would be replenished with water but still supported us to see the slightest ray of hope.

Moments after the Aarthi celebration at the Neerukku Nandri movement, A sudden downpour of rain occurred. Four days after the Neerukku Nandri movement, The location where the stage was set, flows with a forceful gush of river water, thereby flourishing the ecosystem and assisting farmers in nearby villages with their agricultural harvests. People also realized the fact that we are completely dependent on water and we become extinct when water resources deplete. They have established an emotional connect with water which they had lost a long time ago. Native people have also considered ‘Neerukku Nandri’ to be a magical slogan that establishes a connect instantly.