Why Should I Contribute?

‘You need to give more in order to get more and contributing to Water would give you plenty fold than what you gave.’
~ Guruji Mithreshiva ~

The world gives a lot to all of us - fresh air, water, pleasing weather, nature, food, medicine and many more without any expectations. We rarely get an opportunity to thank and give back something to this wonderful world.

Here is one opportunity to thank Water for forming all the lives on earth and continuing to be a part of our lives ever since the beginning of time.

We are looking forward to receiving your monetary support - it can be as small as 10 INR as we are thanking water here and as we all know, “ Little drops make an ocean “ Thanks for giving back to the world.

How Can I Contribute?

Everyone in this world, by default, have a responsibility to carry out- To preserve and protect the universe. You would have noticed that certain people are given with abundance of wealth- Some have more money, some have great knowledge and some have higher manpower. The reason they’re given this wealth is because they require it to sustain the universe but people developed a misconception over time and used it for all tasks except to preserve. Since the universe is solely formed through Water, it is necessary to preserve water as dearly as we can.

One might make his/her contribution in the following ways,

  • Sufficient and excess money, that one can spare - Every penny is one step closer to creating a harmonious world.
  • Power of knowledge - To help spread the awareness among friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Fame - To help popularize this revolution and assist our journey to spread awareness across the globe.
  • Physical support - Providing your valuable free time, by enrolling as a volunteer to help support our campaign.

We have been bestowed with these gifts for a reason. It’s time to give back to this unrivalled living being- Water. Go ahead and provide your contributions now, for she is the source of all creations!

Be the Hero mother earth needs today, and let’s make Neerukku Nandri a revolutionary movement. Welcome to one of a kind, Neerukku Nandri is a campaign initiated to end water scarcity and create a world with abundant potable water. Such a strong initiative requires each person’s individual contribution.

What kind of contribution can i do?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

How can this be a part of your CSR?

An abundance of water in the country can solve all the problems. Creating an awareness about this noble movement on a larger scale needs a lot of resources and your firm's patronage can make a big difference to this campaign.

To bring Neerukku Nandri to your CSR or to more on this,

Kindly Contact,
Arunachalam, Operations Head,
+91 90800 13453