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Water, the source of all life on earth. The one being that is intelligent than any human or animal. The supreme being who adds beauty to nature. Mr. Thirunavakarasu thought otherwise. He first thought water was simply a mechanical substance that is used for cleaning, bathing and drinking purposes. He did not have an emotional connect with water during that time.

After Guruji Mithreshiva spearheaded the Neerukku Nandri revolution, Mr. Thirunavakarasu believes that he was enlightened on the true nature of water and how she protects us all. Water can talk, listen and record every emotion in this world. He believes that she’s not an ordinary being. ‘Water is more powerful than Whatsapp, It has the ability to share information to every corner of the world at this very instance.’, says Mr.Thirunavakarasu.

He accepts the fact that every human being has lost the emotional bond with water and that’s the reason why most of the water-related disasters like floods and droughts occur on this planet. He is convinced that water has life after going through the extensive research findings from Dr. Masaru Emoto.

He visualizes this concept with an interesting simile.’ Water is like a VIP. When a VIP comes to your house, you would hesitate to let him in unless you know them. When someone introduces the VIP to you, you let them in and shower them in a hospitable manner.’. Mr. Thirunavakarasu believes that Guruji Mithreshiva introduced the most powerful VIP in the world-Water to him and expresses his gratitude to Guruji and Water for this valuable interaction.

After this encounter, Mr.Thirunavakarasu has taken this wonderful opportunity to be an instrument and has sworn to spread this awareness on the revelations about water to everyone he interacts with.

Mr. Thirunavakarasu has realized this great truth about water and has shown is gratitude by agreeing to continuously pay 15% of his profits towards the Neerukku Nandri revolution and Dakshina Foundation.